Pamela_pWornWith: Shirts & Stripes

Pamela_pWornWith Edit SHIRTS & STRIPES Hi there and welcome to the second Pamela_pWornWith Edit. In this edit I wanted to show you all how the Percivale Core bag in French Navy can be worn with this seasons striped shirts and shirt dresses. My take on the shirt dress uses oversized navy and white striped cotton with the stripes cut on the diagonal. The style is loosely based on a dress I designed back in the nineties.…

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Pamela_pWornWith: Trench Coats & Summer Slacks

Pamela_pWornWith Edit Trench Coats & Summer Slacks I love fashion whether it be clothing, shoes and handbags and I’ve been designing and making my own clothes since I was a teenager. In the Pamela_pWornWith Edit I wanted to show you all how my bags can be worn with the clothes that I love and that are available to buy now. I’m sorry if you like what I’ve designed (clothes on my model) but at the…

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Fast Fashion V Slow Fashion

An Impossible Choice: Fast Fashion V Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion V Slow Fashion My brand really believes in the Slow Fashion movement so it seemed fitting to illustrate the differences between Fast Fashion V Slow Fashion in my article written for Utelier. In this consumer, trend driven era of value-less clothes, you’re now able to change your outfit up to three times a day, should you so desire. The trend for cheaply produced, throwaway fashion can be traced back to the early noughties…

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Fashion Industry Collaborations


“Collaboration” is defined as “…the action of working with someone to produce something”. synonyms: cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association; The other day I wrote an article for Utelier on a topic that really interests me, collaborations in the fashion industry… Since embracing Instagram as my main go-to for Social Marketing for my new business, all I seem to read while browsing through posts is “Can we collaborate?”, “Looking for collaborations” etc etc. A few years ago these high fashion collaborations…

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The king is dead. When Women’s Wear Daily ran this headline in March 1972 no one in the fashion world would have had any doubt as to whom it referred. There was only one king of couture, the one whom Christian Dior called ‘the master of us all’, while Coco Chanel said he alone was ‘a couturier in the truest sense of the word… The others are simply fashion designers.’ Vogue summed it up in…

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I believe that designing handbags was always on my agenda. In fact, the seeds were sewn many years ago for the realisation of the Pamela_P brand. I was obsessed with my favourite glamorous aunts black patent leather jewellery box, which she had given to my mum and which contained mum’s jewellery. I spent my time un-picking the lock with the aid of a hairpin and broke its contents, refashioning them into adornments for my dolls clothes.…

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The Changing face of fashion

An article written for UTELIER. Years ago, when I had a fashion label and sold to boutiques globally, the seasonal selling formula for a designer was pretty simple and straight forward. Two collections were delivered per year. The Spring/Summer RTW (ready-to-wear) garments hit the shop floor in January. Depending on the type of collection produced, the selection would typically include lightweight separates comprising, blouses, skirts, dresses, shorts and a couple of jackets. Autumn/Winter RTW (ready-to-wear)…

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Pamela_P Paper

Welcome to the brand new PAMELA_P website. Thanks so much for visiting our site and taking the time to read our articles. The bags featured in this photo shoot are from the range I created when I first started developing styles for the label. They’ve been styled with a vintage shirtdress I designed many years ago. It’s in a beautifully smooth Sharkskin fabric. The style is very versatile as it can be worn, as featured, tied at…

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