Our Brand Elements

Crafted – Because we believe in slow fashion where items are made lovingly with a lot of care and with an attention to the finer details.

Sculptural – In appearance, structured in form yet tactile to touch.

Understated Luxury – For our unique take on Italian Quilting requires no unnecessary adornments.

For the contemporary woman who appreciates luxurious femininity, Pamela_P is a range that provides distinctive handbags and accessories.

Produced from Cabretta gloving leather and other fine fabrics, and finished with silk satin linings and discrete fittings, Pamela_P affords a unique style.

The dynamic sculptural qualities of our pieces follow a language of fluidity, combining influences from the worlds of textiles and architecture. Think Pamela_P and you evoke memories of sewing techniques developed in the 30’s by Lanvin, and works by Iraqi-born architect ‘Queen of the curve’ Zaha Hadid, in particular the installation Cirrus.

Sensitively referencing the textile embellishment technique of Italian Quilting, and the structure of 50’s Bakelite handbags, the application of precise pattern cutting techniques and hidden seaming elevates the form of a Pamela_P to that of a solid, moulded bag. The simplicity of Italian Quilting perfectly expresses the Pamela_P hallmark of understated luxury for, like you, we believe that elegance is best carried, not emblazoned.

Whether shop-bought or purchased online, your selection of a Pamela_P is an expression of a highly individual aesthetic; an appreciation of sculpted design and an admiration of artisanal production methods.

Though devoid of brash labels and visible external logos, Pamela_P products are immediately identifiable.