Portrait by Dylan Collard http://www.dylancollard.com/

Our Mission is to create Crafted, Sculptural and Understated Luxury handbags for, like you, we believe that elegance is best carried, not emblazoned.

The seeds were sewn many years ago for the realisation of the Pamela_P brand. Our founder was obsessed with her aunts black patent leather jewellery box, which contained her mum’s jewellery. She spent her time unpicking the lock with the aid of a hairpin and broke its contents, refashioning them into adornments for her dolls clothes. “I should really have been a cat burglar, not a designer”…

Read more about our founder Monisola Omotoso in About the Designer and discover more about Our Brand.  For insights into Our World the Pamela_PPaper will keep you updated.