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“Collaboration” is defined as “…the action of working with someone to produce something”.

synonyms: cooperationalliancepartnershipparticipationcombinationassociation;

The other day I wrote an article for Utelier on a topic that really interests me,

collaborations in the fashion industry…

Since embracing Instagram as my main go-to for Social Marketing for my new business, all I seem to read while browsing through posts is “Can we collaborate?”, “Looking for collaborations” etc etc.

A few years ago these high fashion collaborations were in their early stages. Designers avoided them as they were fearful of diluting their brand ideology and even tarnishing a luxury fashion house’s name. Collaborating implied that you needed help and were unable to create memorable collections without working with others in your field.

However, the landscape of fashion has become increasingly democratised, and the formula of offering limited edition pieces designed in collaboration with another brand or person proved to be extraordinarily lucrative and beneficial for both parties.

These fashion collaborations also enable designers to offer new products to excite consumers without adding additional ranges, weakening their aesthetic with multiple collections, or cheapening the brand.

However, collaborating with others is far from a new entity in the world of fashion. Take for example Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali, their partnership resulted in two of Schiaparelli’s most iconic garments of the 1930s: the Organza Dress With Painted Lobster (1937) and the Tear Dress (1938), as well as the notorious Shoe Hat from her Winter 1937 collection. Yves Saint Laurent and Warhol’s Campbell Soup can imagery from his paintings and silkscreens prompted Saint Laurent to collaborate with the artist on a “groovy” series of a-line paper dresses in 1966-67 under the title “The Souper Dress,”. Ossie Clarke, the designer who began his career in the 60’s, worked with the print designer Celia Birtwell. Their collaborative efforts were a perfect marriage of style with a united vision.


If you want to read the full article, please head over to Utelier

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