We use Cabretta leather from Hair Sheep, which hails from South America or Nigeria, a beautifully soft, breathable and strong, water resistant dress glove leather for our CORE and DIRECTIONAL collections. Gloving leather is particularly pliable and lends itself well to our Italian quilting process. Our SPECIALS collection items are made from 100% Duchesse silk satin. They’re embellished with vintage diamante, Japanese glass beads and glass pearls. The greatest care is taken when choosing our materials, and their handcrafted treatment makes them irregular and individual. Please follow our product care recommendations and your bag should age beautifully.

To prolong the enjoyment of your Pamela_P accessory we recommend the following:

  • Keep your bag stuffed with the enclosed cloth and in the dust bag provided whenever you can, to maintain its distinctive shape and to protect it from being marked.
  • Lighter coloured items tend to mark more easily, so take extra care. Avoid contact with darker items.
  • Do not overfill your bag, as it may lose its shape.
  • Take particular care when using the embellished accessories as they are delicate.
  • The Silk Satin accessories should be dry cleaned only.
  • Our gloving leathers are soft and pliable, but if protected with the enclosed spray and cream, your leather accessories will age beautifully.
  • Our gloving leather is water resistant but if exposed to vast amounts of water, leave wet leather to dry naturally without using artificial heat. Please stuff bags to help keep their shape while drying.
  • Do not expose your accessory to oil, makeup or permanent dyes, as these can stain. Should your accessory be stained – other than with permanent dyes – spray the leather with the enclosed Superior Leather Cleaning Spray and protect it with our Superior Leather Protection Cream.