Moni wears Pamela_P

Moni Wears Pamela_P at Tate Modern

Moni Wears Pamela_P  2017   Wearing the Percivale core, Moni talks about the collection. Where are you? I’m in one of my favourite galleries in London, Tate Modern. I spend a lot of time here viewing the permanent collections when I’m looking for inspiration or just need a break. I’m particularly fond of the restaurant on Level 9, with its amazing views, as I used to take my son here for birthday lunches when he was…

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Textile Embellishments: Italian Quilting

Textile Embellishments Italian Quilting Before I talk about the technique I’ve developed for my bags, Italian Quilting I’m going to tell you a bit about where my love of textiles came from. I became familiar with the textile embellishments Italian Quilting and Trapunto when I was a student at Middlesex University. I would spend hours in the library devouring two books in particular, Lanvin and Geoffrey Beene. They both used trapunto quilting on their creations and…

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